I realized I love to make quilts with simple fronts (in colors and patterns) with a fun, oftentimes, louder print on the back. Thus, I’ve started specializing in #mulletquilting. Being a child in the 80s, I’ve seen my fair share of mullets. However, I do prefer mullet quilting over actual mullets  

All yardage will be cut in the total amount ordered. (If you're ordering 4 half yards, your fabric will be cut in one 2 yard piece.) All fat quarters are cut as fat quarters.

 All PURE SOLIDS are internationally OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest assure their dyes are the most environmentally safe to use for the sewing industry. Commonly known as “pima” their premium cottons have the softest hand and the lowest shrinkage percentage (1% – 2%). They almost don’t fray, making them ideal for all kind of projects.