About Me

Fabric can inspire us to endless creativity and being surrounded by it is one of my favorite places to be.

I'm Pam, the owner of Lily Todd Fabrics, LLC.  After 23 years, I left my career with the encouragement of my husband, to pursue turning my creative outlet into a business.  

I spend a good chunk of my day in my sewing room working on projects and the store. You will often find my favorite shows or podcasts on in my sewing room while I work. 

In addition to sewing, I enjoy playing the piano and was a piano teacher for 18 years. I love cracking a good joke, sitting around a fire on a cool night, pretending I can cook, and wishing pizza counted as a fruit.  I also enjoy 90s music, books, and vintage sewing machines.

Lily Todd Fabrics gets its name from our pups: Lily Bet and Buddy Tod. As well as being named in memory of my mother and her twin brother, the Todd Twins. Without them, this store wouldn’t exist.

I am beyond excited to help you find the perfect fabric for your next project and thank you for supporting my small business!