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A few weeks ago I found myself cutting up the Local Honey Figo fabrics in my shop into triangles.  I had NO PLAN other than to make something using triangles.  I don't recommend this method - having no plan - but I was tired of doing a traditional square block and saw my equilateral triangle ruler and threw caution to the wind. Before I knew it, I was using up scraps and making pile after pile of triangles. 


Once I had table full or triangles (laid out like some beautiful, quilty charcuterie board), I started looking around for a pattern to help me make sense of it all and came across this FREE pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics. 

EQUILATERAL (click for link to free pattern)

I used this pattern as a guide since I had already cut all my triangles BEFORE finding it and my triangles were smaller than what the pattern called for. I had to adjust how many triangles I used across for width and for length to get the size I wanted. 

All-in-all, I'm happy with how playful this quilt turned out! It's such a great pattern to use with so many different fabric options. Use it with some vibrant, playful fabrics or do it in black and white (more black or more white) for a simple, more sophisticated look. 

You can find the Local Honey fabrics in my shop here. I love their fun and colorful designs. To me, this quilt is using all of the "fun crayons" I would use in elementary school and these fabrics use those colors. 

If you're interested in getting a fabric kit made for this pattern, using any fabrics in the shop, email me: I would be happy to work with you to get you what you need to create this fun quilt!


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