Lillian's Bundle and The Penny Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting

Lillian's Bundle Modern Quilt Quilt Quilt Making

I found myself holding on to The Penny Quilt pattern from Kitchen Table Quilting (find pattern here: for the last year and wanting to use some of my personal cuts of Bonnie Christine fabrics from the shop.  So, I set out to explore mixing up these floral prints and creating a beautiful garden in the shape of a quilt. 

The pattern uses seven main blocks that get cut up and so I started my quest by mixing fabrics into seven groups of three fabrics.  I was satisfied with the mixes I pulled and dove straight into the directions. The pattern is easy to follow and fun to use.

All-in-all, I'm happy with how it turned out except for one thing.....the Morning Moss Decostitch...that dark green you see in the quilt. Because I used it as the BIGGEST piece - the outside of the block - it sticks out much more than I wanted.  I do believe, if I had used it on the smaller two print pieces of the block, like the other dark greens, it would have been so much better. Live (create) and learn. 

I created the Lillian's Bundle using the mix of this project for you and it's now in the shop and available in fat quarter, half yard, and yard bundles. 



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