Under My Needle: Using Four Fabrics to Cozy-up my Sewing Space

hexie pop quilt pillow pattern quilted pillow

It's been almost a year since I had a pillow for my oversized chair in my sewing room. And although I spend most of my day sitting in an office chair at my cutting table/desk running my business, I thoroughly enjoy the moments I take to find peace and quiet in my chair. However, one thing has been missing- a pillow.

I came across Lou Lou & Betty's "Cosmic Cactus" pillow pattern by Lisa and fell instantly in love with it's design.  (You can find the pattern in her shop here.

In the fall of 2023 I rebranded the colors for Lily Todd Fabrics to better fit my style and colors I'm naturally drawn to. With this in mind, I wanted the pillow to best fit my brand as it sits in the room with my business. So I picked out fabric choices that best complemented the Lily Todd colors, using: Art Gallery Fabrics PURE Solids: Desert Dunes, Apple Cider, Miami Sunset, and Sweet Macadamia.  

a picture of four fabrics in rust, orange, and pink colors.

Within a few hours my pillow was cut, pieced together, quilted, stuffed, and adorning my big, comfy chair. 

quilting the pillow with the sewing machine

I absolutely fell in love with it! It's the perfect fit for my sewing room. 

a quilted lumbar pillow in rust, orange and pink fabrics.

I love the color palette so much that I am currently using the same fabrics to make a "Hexie Pop" quilt, designed by Emily of Quilty Love.  (You can purchase a paper form of that pattern in my shop here.)

hexie pop quilt top in rust, orange, and pinks.

I can't wait to share with you the final picture after I get the quilt finished!

What are you creating these days? If you're creatively stuck, I hope these two patterns inspire you! 




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