The Shelva Scarf - A Quilted Button Scarf

pattern quilted button scarf quilted scarf the shelva scarf

I cannot introduce you to The Shelva Scarf without first introducing you to Shelva.

My mom was the kind of mom who had loads of people calling her “Mom.” Let me explain. She was very active in our community and school system. Our friends always referred to her as a second mom in their lives. Long after my siblings and I were grown, students at our high school called her “mom” in the halls.

I often joked about how we couldn’t go anywhere – the store, the bank, a sporting event – where someone wouldn’t shout out “Shelva” and be greeted with a smile, a hug, and a twenty minute conversation with my mom. She knew everybody.

In 2015 I lost my amazing mother to Parkinson's Disease. That year, in late October, I needed something to do with my grief as I was approaching the first holiday season without her.  So, I made a scarf and posted about it on social media.  The next thing I knew, several friends reached out and asked me to make them a few scarves to gift away that season.  It was then that my scarf making and selling started under the name of Cherubino Creations. 

Each year I've tried to improve upon the design and techniques used in creating these scarves.  This year, eight years after my original scarves were made, I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I put my love of quilting and fabric into it and created The Shelva Scarf. But, I knew I still wanted to do more.  So, I decided to share it with all of you and publish the pattern.

two Shelva Scarves pictured with the paper pattern

For anyone who has lost a parent or someone close to you, you know the ups and downs grief takes you on.  As exciting as it is to release this pattern named in memory of my mama, it's also another complex step in my grief and healing. In many ways it's sharing my love for sewing and quilting, but it's also sharing a personal journey with all of you. 

I've been a teacher of music and various other things in my life. One of my goals with this pattern was to share the love of quilting with others who may have never tried it before. This pattern is very beginner friendly and teaches a traditional block that is used in many projects. It's a way to make a quick, usable project for seasoned quilters, but also not as intimidating as a full quilt project for a beginner. 

Pam wearing a green and white chevron Shelva Scarf

I realized after making my first scarf that it reminded me of my mom. She gave the greatest hugs on earth.  I mean it! There was nothing like her arms wrapped around my neck and the closeness of her heart beating with mine. Although this scarf is simply made up of fabric and thread, it instantly warms my neck like a big old hug from my mama.

My hope is that you use this pattern to create something beautiful, that you keep it for yourself or gift it away to someone who also needs the warmth of a hug in their life.

Thank you for letting me introduce you to my mom and for letting me share my first pattern, The Shelva Scarf. 


The Shelva Scarf pattern is available in paper and digital form in the shop. Kits that include the fabric, button, embroidery floss, and pattern are also available in the green or purple and orange versions.  

You can follow me @CherubinoCreations to see my personal sewing and quilting journey. 

Pam wearing a purple and orange Shelva Scarf

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